The soul has no gender

Brian Molko, lead singer of Placebo, was not infrequently mistaken for a woman in the 90s. Is that a bad thing? Something good? Why?
Androgynous appearances have fascinated me for a long time and I wonder why things like makeup or clothing are assigned to a particular gender in the first place. They are man-made objects and we can decide for ourselves if we want to pigeonhole people because of that or not.

About me...

Gwendolin Zelenka | 27 | she/her | Upper Austria

I'm an artist from Austria who loves music (especially k-pop and punk rock), astronomy, movies, concerts and writing. I like dyeing my hair colorful. :-)
Art (especially drawing) is one of my greatest passions, which in the end serves to express my love for my other passions, which in turn motivate me to create's a full circle in itself. <3

I work as a media specialist and social media manager in an advertising agency and write for the local newspaper BezirksRundschau Braunau on a freelance basis. In my free time I devote myself to drawing and painting.